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North Carolina's Towns and Cities

Bald Head Island, North Carolina:
The pace is mellow, the weather is kind and the living is definitely easy. Wherever you are and wherever you've been, there is no experience that can compare to living at the edge of an ocean. Just 20 minutes by ferry from the mainland of Southport, North Carolina...
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Carolina Beach, NC:
Crossing the Snow's Cut Bridge from Wilmington to Pleasure Island and its largest town, Carolina Beach, is a breath of fresh air as you leave the noise and traffic of the city for the serenity of a Southern coastal hideaway. Located just south of Wilmington, Carolina Beach, with a population of less than 5,400 full-time residents, retains its beach-village heart with a plethora of...
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Hampstead, North Carolina - Topsail Sounds, NC:
Hampstead, the largest of many small communities that make up Topsail Township, is still home to rustic fishing shacks on the banks of the Intracoastal Waterway...
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Holden Beach, NC:
Holden Beach just might be the perfect getaway: quaint cottages on a wide beach and a strong historic focus on family fun. The climate is gentle, the pace of life slow and the water calm, making this little island ideal for a quiet family vacation or as a permanent home...
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New Bern, North Carolina:
New Bern, the second oldest town in North Carolina, produced the state's first printing press, first book, first state public school and first newspaper-and it was the first state capital. New Bern is home to numerous museums and historical sites, and one...
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Ocean Isle Beach, NC:
Almost straddling the border of South Carolina and North Carolina, Ocean Isle Beach is one of North Carolina's southernmost barrier islands. Just over seven miles long, it is a favorite of retirees searching for the idyllic beach lifestyle. Yachts at a pier in Ocean Isle Beach's Intracoastal Waterway...
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Southport, NC:
By a quirk of history, the city of Southport, North Carolina, has retained its idyllic setting to this day. Had the city fathers had their way when the New World was still new, the sleepy little waterfront town would have become the main shipping port in the region. That distinction went instead to Wilmington...
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Sunset Beach, North Carolina:
Located 44 miles southwest of Wilmington, Sunset Beach, North Carolina, remains one of the last working beach communities in the area. The majority of the town's residents still make their living by fishing, shrimping and crabbing in the fertile waters that surround...
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Topsail Beach (Topsail Island), NC:
Topsail Island, North Carolina, a little more than 26 miles long, includes three towns - North Topsail Beach, Surf City and Topsail Beach - and some of the best beaches on the East Coast. Topsail Beach, at the island's southernmost tip...
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Wilmington, North Carolina:
During the 1990s, Wilmington evolved into one of the fastest-growing retiree havens in the region, a trend that continues today. The warm weather, nearby beaches and rich history of the area draw people from across the country to call this famed Cape Fear River town home. Founded by English settlers in 1739, the coastal outpost struggled initially because it was virtually...
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Wrightsville Beach, NC:
Wrightsville Beach, one of two barrier islands in the mouth of the Cape Fear River, in unlike any other place in the world, a fact that brings considerable pride to its residents. Wrightsville Beach offers a multitude of recreational options. The clean and uncluttered five-mile white-sand beach is perfect for a day of lounging in the sun, collecting shells, swimming, surfing and fishing...
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