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Custom Coastal Builders in NC and SC

North Carolina's Coastal Custom Builders

C.L. Smith Construction, Southport, North Carolina:
"We couldn't have asked for a better building experience." That testimonial is just one of many glowing comments about C.L. Smith Construction. Most builders promise great homes and many deliver on that promise but few of them actually become friends with their with their clients. Cameron L. Smith, president...
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Charles Fox Homes LTD, Ocean Isle Beach, NC:
It's not surprising that Charles Fox would end up in the home building business, considering his mother is in real estate and his father is a contractor. Nor is it surprising that Charles has a deep appreciation and love for the coast of the Carolinas, considering his family lived on Ocean Isle Beach since the mid-1950s, when they started Sloane Realty. But what is most impressive is...
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Coastal Lifestyle Development, Holden Beach in North Carolina:
As a young boy, Cameron Smith, chief executive officer of Coastal Lifestyle Development and the developer of Stanbury Creek at Holden Beach in North Carolina, spent his summers on the water and at the beaches of the Carolina coast. As an adult, he reached the realization that...
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Gregory Faurote Builders, Inc., Brunswick County, NC:
When looking for that builder for your dream home, whether surfing on line or in the real, physical world, you should be searching for certain traits: integrity; patience; good disposition; commitment; first-rate reputation; stability and solidity, someone with whom you can have a relationship built on trust and open communication. Naturally, you want a person capable of constructing an affordable, custom home and to truly do the job on time and on budget. What everyone hopes to find is someone they can go the distance with, who, in years to come, will stand by them and their workmanship...
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Kendall Canady Builders, Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina:
The Construction of Jerry Wickersham's new home Brunswick County, North Carolina, was an unforgettable event. "The experience was a 10 out of 10," he raves, crediting the project's success to his builder, Kendall Canady. Perfect ratings are hard to come by, so when your clients give you such high accolades, people probably will start to take notice...
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Onslow Bay Homes, Wilmington, NC:
High quality craftsmanship at affordable pricing clearly defines Onslow Bay Homes. Marc Hartley, co-founder of Onslow Bay Homes and Onslow Bay Construction has over twenty years in the building industry ranging from multi-residential projects and multi-million dollar commercial construction projects to single family homes....
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Southern Comfort Homes, Ocean Isle Beach, NC:
Brunswick County, North Carolina, is being developed as far as the eye can see and seemingly more quickly than the blink of an eye. Homes are rising out of the ground virtually overnight as builders strive to complete as many projects as they can in the shortest time possible. In many cases, the result of this fast-paced construction is painfully obvious to...
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Steve Harden Builders, Shallotte, NC:
Beauty and brawn are two adjectives unlikely to be used in the same sentence, especially when talking about the construction industry. But the houses built by Steve Harden Builders reflect that juxtaposition quite well: They are both aesthetically leasing and built to last. "We are focused on three major things when building homes..."
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South Carolina's Coastal Custom Builders

Bay Homes, Hilton Head, SC:
Bay Homes has operated in the Hilton Head area since 1988, and during that time they have built over 300 homes. President and founder Buddy Cheek moved his family there in 1985 and started his current company. But the story of how his daughters Jodi Cheek Easton and Kelly Cheek came to operate his family-owned business starts in the Asheville, N.C. area...
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Dolphin Architects & Builders, Mt Pleasant and Johns Island, SC:
Walter G. Seinsheimer Jr. has been turning clients into friends. The chairman of Dolphin Architects and Builders, Seinsheimer has built his company on a single guiding principle - customer satisfaction. "Our total focus is on pleasing our clients," states Seinsheimer. "We know that if the client is happy, we make a profit..."
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Pinnacle Construction Partners, Murrells Inlet, SC:
Pinnacle's belief in superior contracting is evident in the advice Peter Jackson is quick to offer to anyone planning to hire a general contractor: 'Always check out his or her experience and trustworthiness. Be wary of anyone who does not return phone calls or does not respond to your needs in a timely fashion...'
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Singleton Construction Company, Pawleys Island in SC:
Singleton Construction has found its niche. Dedication to high quality construction and stringent attention to detail have placed Singleton in a prized position: most of the construction company's projects...
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